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Calling Ugandan Agriculture Students and Graduates,

Are you ready to take your agricultural skills to the next level and gain international experience? We are excited to announce the Agricultural Traineeship Program in Denmark, Germany, Norway, and the Netherlands, coordinated by Eduserv Education Agency in Uganda in collaboration with our European partners and host farms. This program offers you a unique opportunity to acquire practical, hands-on experience in modern, sustainable farming practices.

Eduserv Education Agency’s Role

Eduserv Education Agency plays a crucial role in connecting Ugandan students with these valuable opportunities. We ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and guide you through the entire application process, making it smooth and efficient.


The traineeships are open to current agricultural students and recent graduates. This ensures that participants have a foundational knowledge of agricultural principles and practices, which they can build upon during their traineeship experience.

Key Benefits.

Monthly Allowances: Receive a monthly salary of approximately €1,500, covering your basic living expenses. This salary aligns with the european Collective Agreement for agricultural trainees.

Accommodation: Host farms provide accommodation, ensuring you live close to your work sites. This arrangement facilitates smooth integration into farm operations and the local community.

Paid Vacation: Enjoy five weeks of paid vacation, allowing you time to rest and explore your host country. This benefit supports a healthy work-life balance and personal growth.

Health Insurance: Health insurance is provided, ensuring you have access to medical care during your stay. This is a crucial benefit for maintaining your well-being while abroad.

Certificate of Completion: Upon finishing the traineeship, receive a certificate of completion. This valuable addition to your professional portfolio validates the skills and experience you have gained during the program